Search and Win ?

Na dann wabbadabber`n wir mal durchs Netz


Da „ES“ selbstredend weltneu ist, gibt es weiterbringende Tips:

Tips for winning

Use wabbadabba as your daily search engine. You never know when you’re going to win.
Make wabbadabba your homepage. Use this
link. You can even use the wabbadabba toolbar to make winning even easier.
Get your friends involved, invite your friend to join wabbadabba, if they win – so do you. You can invite as many friends as you like. Use this
link to invite your friends.
Don’t overdo it! Only the first 15 searches per person in a 24 hour period qualify for a prize, so just use wabbadabba like any other search engine and you might win a prize for doing what you normally do.
Random clicking does not help! Clicking links does not help. The results are provided by Yahoo, we hope you will find them useful as they are related to your search query, but clicking on them will not increase your chances of winning.


Mhh –  dann faellt das Sparen auf mein Traumauto entspannter aus 🙂

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